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Welcome to the official ballot for the 4th Annual Connecticut Music Awards, part of Grand Band Slam 2015!

Voting runs from April 1 - April 30

Please read the voting instructions below, then fill in the voter registration info and cast your ballot. 

For more information on this year's Connecticut Music Awards and Grand Band Slam, visit   Thanks for voting, and good luck to all the bands!

How it works

How does voting work?

Each category will feature a drop down menu listing all of the artists that have been nominated for that category.  You may also write in a vote for a band you do not see on the menu.  Once a band receives one vote in a particular category they will then show up in the drop down menu for that category.  This is considered a "nomination."   When an artist is nominated (i.e. someone writes them in for the first time) it will take less than 24 hours for them to appear in the drop down menus.  

How often can I vote?

Only one vote per e-mail address for each category will be allowed.